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What is the TAP 3?

The TAP 3 is a mandibular advancement device for the treatment of snoring and sleep apnea. It is a custom-made, two-piece appliance that snaps firmly and comfortably over the upper and lower teeth, much like a sports mouthguard or retainer. Its basic function is to hold the jaw forward so the tongue and soft tissues of the throat do not collapse into the throat causing snoring and sleep apnea. The unique design allows the patient to adjust the degree to which the lower jaw is held forward, simultaneously allowing maximum comfort and effectiveness.

The TAP 3 is the latest addition to the TAP family. It offers the same results as the TAP and TAP II and fits more comfortably in the mouth. The smaller hardware provides more room for the tongue and allows the lips to close. Developed with advanced dental technology, the TAP 3 improves breathing and eliminates snoring in over 95% of all patients. The appliance also effectively treats sleep apnea and reduces the impact of associated health risks without the need for surgery, CPAP or medication.

How TAP 3 Works

The TAP 3 holds the lower jaw in a forward position so that it does not shift nor fall open during the night. This prevents the airway from collapsing. The TAP 3 is the only mandibular advancement device that can be adjusted by the patient or practitioner while in the mouth. Most patients experience relief the very first night they wear their TAP 3. Although it may take up to a week to get used to wearing a TAP 3 appliance, this is a small hurdle for patients. Nine in ten patients wear the device all night, every night – making the TAP a highly effective solution for both snoring and sleep apnea.

TAP 3 Advantages

  • Patient friendly
  • Superior results
  • Easy to fit
  • Infinitely adjustable
  • Precise control of advancement
  • Interchangeable hooks
  • Freedom of lateral movement
  • More room for tongue
  • Allows lips to close


First in Restorative, Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry

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