Patient FAQ

At what age should I start my child at the dentist?

We recommend bringing your child to our office between the ages of 3-5.

Generally, children have a very positive experience when they are not having any dental problems. This sets the stage for a lifetime of worry-free visits to the dentist, and children look forward to their check-ups. We strive to make our youngest patients’ experience at ProtoDental as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

We can apply sealants, detect decay in its earliest stages and make conservative treatment recommendations. We can also properly diagnose malocclusion and make appropriate referrals for orthodontic care.

Do you use Nitrous Oxide (Sweet Air)?

We do not use Nitrous Oxide in our office. This may be a consideration when choosing the right dental office for you. We do administer local anesthesia in a very comfortable manner, first using a topical anesthetic to numb the soft tissue. We also employ a technique that has worked extremely well over many years in practice…..TLC.

Your comfort is our top priority.

Are you handicapped accessible?

Yes, we comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. We have two dedicated handicapped parking spots and a ramp that leads to our front door for our patients that are wheelchair bound or need to use a walker.

Do you have digital radiography?

Yes, we have digital x-ray sensors which reduce your exposure by half, and eliminate the need for developing solutions and x-ray film. Digital radiography is safer for you, the patient, and is also extremely eco-friendly. We are also capable of producing high quality digital panoramic images and performing cone beam scans in the comfort of our office, thereby eliminating the need for referrals to medical imaging centers. Our CS 9000D focused field CT scanner considerably reduces the amount of radiation that you are exposed to by focusing only on the area in question.

Can I be treated without radiographs (x-rays)?

No. If current diagnostic radiographs (x-rays) are not available from your previous dentist, we require new images to be taken as part of your comprehensive new patient work-up. We cannot properly diagnose pathology without radiographs, and it is considered malpractice to perform any treatment without them.

Do you have Saturday hours?

No. We are, however, open two evenings each week on Mondays and Thursdays until 8:30pm for your convenience. Our office is open until 6pm on Wednesdays. Please check the Hours and Location page on the website for a complete listing of our office hours.

Will you accept my insurance as full payment?

Even though we participate with several insurance plans, they generally do not cover your treatment at 100%. Deductibles, fees schedules, and coverage percentages all play a role in what exactly your insurance company will allow toward your treatment. We ask that new patients compensate us in full for their first visit, as it is difficult to determine if your yearly deductible has been satisfied or how much of your annual benefit has been used. Once a treatment plan has been agreed upon between you and the doctor, we will file for a pre-determination of benefits from your insurance company so that you are aware of your out-of-pocket expenses prior to the start of treatment.

Which insurance plans do you participate with?

Dr. Proto participates with Cigna PPO, Aetna PPO and Aetna Access, Delta Dental Premier and PPO.

What if I don't have dental insurance?

We accept all major forms of payment, and can extend comfortable payment terms, as long as the total fee is satisfied by the end of treatment. We also offer Lending Club for extended financing.

What financing options are available?

If a payment plan is desired, we offer Lending Club which offers low to zero percent finance charges and flexible payment options.

Do you have a senior discount?

Yes. For our senior citizens 65 and older that are not on a reduced fee insurance plan we extend a 5% courtesy.

Do you accept referrals?

Yes! We encourage our existing patients to refer their friends and family so that they may also enjoy the quality of dental care and high level of customer service we provide at ProtoDental. We also have a monthly raffle for all of those patients that have referred new patients to our office. You may win a new Sonicare toothbrush!

What is your policy regarding cancelling an appointment?

We require 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment with any of our providers. Your appointment time is reserved exclusively for you.

What is your policy regarding a broken appointment?

Although we attempt to confirm every appointment, the ultimate responsibility for keeping appointments is yours. Each appointment is reserved exclusively for you. We do not double-book and expect you at your appointed time. We charge a sliding failed appointment fee depending on the planned procedure, and do understand that emergencies and extenuating circumstances may prevent you from contacting us.

What precautions do you take to ensure patient safety?

All of our instruments, including our handpieces, are autoclaved. Our treatment rooms are disinfected between patients and all “high touch” areas are wrapped in plastic wrap and changed for each and every patient. We use personal protective equipment such as gloves, masks and protective eyewear. We practice universal precautions as dictated by current federal and state guidelines.

What makes ProtoDental different than other general dental offices in the Babylon area?

We pride ourselves on quality, customer service and attention to detail. Office cleanliness is a high priority and we adhere to strict policies of sterility and disinfection for your safety and ours. The level of dentistry is extremely high, and we are one of the few general practices that offer surgical as well as restorative implant services. We strive to meet or exceed our patients’ expectations.

Do I need to go to another office if I am interested in having dental implants?

No. Dr. Proto has received post-graduate training in implant surgery. He places both conventional and mini dental implants in the comfort and safety of our office.

Is there any way that I can ask Dr. Proto a question directly?

Yes. You can contact the office, and leave a message. Dr. Proto spends a majority of his time in the office treating patients, but will return your call in a timely fashion. You can also email him at


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